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Reflect on Grief

Published on 2024-5-23

The person you love is gone. The house that was once a home is now mere brick and mortar. Or perhaps you have lost the ability to walk, leaving you “handicapped” for life. One of the certainties in live is change, and odds are we will all face grief at some point in our lives.

Happiness Scores - Mood Analysis

Published on 2024-5-9

The core function of any mood tracker is to assess your daily level of happiness and then take action based on that assessment. To do this, you need a system to determine where you stand and, more importantly, where you want to go.

Moments - Mood Analysis

Published on 2024-4-22

When you ask someone about their life they can usually sum up a series of memories. Freezes in time that have defined us for who we are. The good, and the bad.

Live less anxious

Published on 2024-2-28

Anxiety in some shape or form is completely normal. It happens unconsciously and often is the result of stress. Like it or not stress is important for us to function and can help us to achieve important milestones or keep ourselves out of trouble in dire times.

Luci 2.6.2 - Apple Watch

Published on 2024-2-26

We are excited to announce mood Tracking on your Apple Watch. Starting with version 2.6.2 you can download Luci on your Apple Watch and track your mood straight from your wrist.

Luci 2.6.1 - Staying on Track

Published on 2024-2-7

We have just released Luci 2.6.1 on the App Store and Play Store and it contains a set of nice quality of life improvements. Mood tracking is all about creating a habit, and we hope this update will help you to stay on the right track.

Practical Benefit of Self-Reflection

Published on 2024-1-18

Self-reflection is incredibly important. It allows us to catch, check and change (3Cs) our behavior and improve our outlook on life.

How to apply Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) in real life

Published on 2024-1-11

Being happy and unstressed is not always something that comes naturally. Post-traumatic stress, or even just the constant pressure from our day-to-day lives, can be enough to fray our mental health.

How to use a Mood Tracker

Published on 2024-1-10

You might have heard the term “mood tracker” before. Whether it’s from colleagues, friends or anyone active in the mental health space. In this article we will explain what a mood tracker is, and why you should use one.

Psychology of Success

Published on 2023-12-14

What do a game of Monopoly, rich people and a sense of deserving all have in common? Well they have been the subject of an experiment run by the University of California. A rigged game of monopoly has exposed how people can feel given enough success.

Apps are ideal for Mood Tracking

Published on 2023-11-15

Everyone should do a daily mood check. Mood Tracking is one of the best ways to find happiness and spot trends that make us sad early on.

Power of Feeling Unforced

Published on 2023-10-31

Imagine sitting beside the road seeing cars drive by. In each of those cars sits a person with his or her own goals and feelings. While you are sitting there you might even notice your brain wants to turn its attention towards your own feelings.

Reflect on Finance

Published on 2023-10-31

Every user of Luci is now able to reflect on our latest topic Finance free of charge. With over 30 questions to reflect on you will gain better control of your finance and general relationship with money.

Happiness is a Journey

Published on 2023-10-4

What do you want to be when you grow up? It's a question you have probably heard at least a dozen times while growing up. Maybe your answer has changed over time. Or perhaps now that you are an adult you ended up becoming exactly where you'd envisioned you'd be all along.

Luci 2.3.2 - A Buzzing Update

Published on 2023-9-7

Luci 2.3.2 introduces a buzzing new update with a range of new features and UX changes.

Feeling bored boosts creativity

Published on 2023-9-1

It’s important to be bored, but life is making that so difficult for us. Ask yourself this, did I feel bored today? Your answer could be “no” and you’d not be alone.

Identify and stop negative thought patterns

Published on 2023-6-28

We start with a fictional tale about a character named Lisa. She is a teacher with almost twenty years of experience standing in front of a classroom.

Risk of Procrastination

Published on 2023-6-14

“Let’s delay project X to next week” is a common answer while planning tasks that we find boring, confusing or intimidating. The thought goes something like this.

Luci 2.2.2 offers an improved iPad experience

Published on 2023-5-31

We have just released version 2.2.2 of Luci and in this release we have optimised the app for use with iPads and tablets.

How to maintain your vision and beliefs in the real world

Published on 2023-5-28

'Hello, it’s me' is part of a popular Adele song, but it also rings home to many of us. Why? Because it’s hard to show who you truly are.

Reflect on stress

Published on 2023-5-28

Reflection is a super important tool to prevent and combat stress. It’s important to realize where the stress is originating from, how it affects us, and if we are still capable of relativity.

How to stop feeling depleted and drained

Published on 2023-5-4

A common sight on the other side of the room. You see a group of 30 somethings. happy and full of life. They are talking about getting kids, scoring that new promotion or how they had a lovely weekend with old friends at a nearby lake house.

Tips for Tracking Custom Emotions

Published on 2023-5-2

Personal feelings and emotions is a powerful feature that help you track exactly what makes you special. But great power comes with responsibility so we would like to provide some suggestions and tips to get you started.

Custom emotions in mood trackers are important

Published on 2023-4-12

If you ask all scientists in the world to map all possible human emotions you will see just about the same amount of answers as there are scientists. In 1992 Paul Ekman found six human emotions: happiness, sadness, anger, fear, surprise, disgust and contempt.

Place quotes on your iOS Home Screen

Published on 2023-3-29

In this post we will show you how to place inspirational quotes on your iOS Home Screen. This works for both the iPhone and iPad.

Benefits of happiness tracking

Published on 2023-3-28

Keeping track of your mood or happiness comes with many benefits. For one, it can ground you in times of uncertainty. But at the same time can help soften impulsive behavior so you can stay on track of your goals. Let's explore some more benefits that mood tracking provides

The invisibility of mental health

Published on 2023-3-27

People are social creatures. Put us in a room together and we gravitate towards each other. This is especially true in the face of adversity.

New Luci pricing options

Published on 2023-3-23

With the release of Luci 2.0.0 we have introduced new pricing options (one-time and subscription) to drastically lower the cost of entry

iPad support and topic images

Published on 2022-5-21

Version 1.6.0 of Luci the Self-Reflection app comes with a slew of quality-of-life changes. We wanted to make it easier to discover new topics, make the app more approachable, and we managed to fix some bugs along the way.

Themes, help and parenting

Published on 2022-4-30

You may have noticed a few new options with our latest release (1.5.0). Let's go through the options and we'll also share some tricks and tips along the way

Benefits of keeping a journal

Published on 2022-3-28

Ever wish you had a time machine to go back to that one still moment in time when you were happy? Or re-live a difficult moment of your life knowing what you know now? While impossible physically; looking back is one of the many benefits to keeping a journal. Let's explore.

Luci 2.0: The Self-Reflection app

Published on 2022-3-25

We are proud to introduce the first major update of Luci: 2.0. Designed to be the Self-Reflection app to guide you through your mental awareness journey.

Introducing version 1.4.0

Published on 2022-2-11

This is one of the biggest updates to the app I've ever released. It comes with a major graphical overhaul and I'd love to introduce it to you.