New Luci pricing options

Published on 2023-3-23

Good news! With the release of Luci 2.0.0 we have introduced new pricing options (one-time and subscription) to drastically lower the cost of entry. These changes come from user feedback we have received over the 1.x release period.

What has changed?

We used to offer the Luci Lifetime upgrade only. This offer is still valid and present in the app today. It's the best way to unlock all the functionality for life and never having to think about it again. We are a Self-Reflection app, journal and mood tracker. So it makes sense for us to offer this one-time unlock and not force a subscription onto our customers. As customers may not love a subscriptions and we are all about giving you more of what you love.

That said..

That said with release 2.0.0 we are offering a subscription offer next to the one-time unlock you know and love. For the simple reason (and we have noted it on the offer page) that some customers want a lower priced entry into the app and all of its topics. This means you can now pay for a month to try the topics you are interested in and cancel the subscription once you feel in a good place mentally. If you require a longer practice the annual option is also a good way to see if self-reflection sessions and mood tracking is something that works for you.

1.x users

If you have already purchased the Pro lifetime option you will still have it, obviously. Purchasing a subscription does not add any additional value to you.

The tips purchases

From all the purchases we are seeing more tips than we expected to see. We are really grateful for everyone who have donated money so we can continue doing what we love. We really hope that you will continue to enjoy the app and the major update 2.0 we have just launched.

Thank you all for the support. We hope this cheap subscription option (way less than a coffee) is a good way for you to experience all of the content we have to offer. More content is coming soon, so we would love to grow together.

Happy reflecting!

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