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Mood Tracker & Self-Reflection

Live your happiest life. Start by tracking your mood and reflecting on your feelings, and the world around it. Luci is a free app that will help you do that.

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Mood Tracking

Luci is one of the most advanced Mood Trackers on the App Store. You can track your happiness using a 1-10 scale or use smileys for more ease of use. Make multiple recordings per day and we will calculate the averages for you.

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Custom Emotions & Activities

Tracking exactly what you feel and do is crucial in finding happiness. Want to keep track of your habits, specific activities or that nagging feeling you keep getting? Luci has got you covered.

Reflect on life-changing topics

Self-Reflection is very important for us to feel happy. Reflect on a range of important topics such as compassion, stress, mindfulness and relationships. Each topic contains a set of thought invoking questions. Sometimes the key to insight is all about asking the right questions.

A thought invoking question displayed with the ability to skip, ask for help or answer the question.
Choose a topic in Luci

CBT-based tips

Discover a new CBT-based tip after each reflection based on the topic you just reflected on. Gaining new insight in your own behavior and life in general.

Your happiness at a glance

With Luci you can easily see what impacts your happiness and how you felt throughout the year. We also make it extremely easy to export all of your data for your doctor if you ever find the need for therapy.

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Luci Apple Watch support

Also on Apple Watch

Track your mood straight from your wrist with Apple Watch. The quickest way to record your mood. Add activities, emotions, see your recent average mood and view quotes and positive affirmations wherever you are.

What we also offer

Luci is designed to be your Mental Health companion. We are constantly adding new content and features and our goal is simply to make more people experience happiness more often. We strongly belief this starts with being conscious about your feelings and gaining insight into your mind. We wanted to make the app free of charge to help as many users as we can. If you want to support us please consider leaving a rating, or purchasing the Pro membership to instantly gain access to all the content and future features forever. These features are also present in Luci - your Mood Tracker and Self-reflection app. With more coming regularly.

  • Mood reminders
  • Biometric app lock
  • iCloud
  • Your Pro membership is shared with all your family members
  • Quotes widget
  • Apple health support for mindful minutes
  • Themes & Dark Mode
  • Apple Watch support
  • iPad and tablet support
  • Export your data as CSV or PDF
  • Over 300+ reflective questions
  • Over 500+ positive affirmations

Follow the Luci blog for updates on the app and tips on self-reflection and awareness. Spending time on your mental health is important and apps are just a tool to get us there. For feature requests or questions please find us on Social Media. Finally we recommend to keep the app installed on your device so you automatically receive all the latest features and updates on your device.

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