How to maintain your vision and beliefs in the real world

Published on 2023-5-28

“Hello, it’s me” is part of a popular Adele song, but it also rings home to many of us. Why? Because it’s hard to show who you truly are. But also, it’s difficult to know who we are. We tend to change based on our surroundings and what life is asking us to do. Not always in a good way too. For example if you find something lacking in your life? Then we are at risk of creating a tunnel vision for that particular thing. Craving it like there’s no tomorrow. The endless journey towards [insert thing], could be warmth, money, time or anything you have too little of.

In this blog post we will show a few examples how easy it is to lose ourselves and how Luci can help us to rediscover our inner me. This way whatever happens we do not lose our vision and beliefs. So that next time you can consciously say “hello, it’s me”, without me actually being one of your personas.

At the office

So for example numero uno. You are at the office working your way up to a position of stature. Finally close to that promotion you have been eying for years. It will allow you to buy that house on the hills and earn a six figure salary. Especially in some parts of the world, our careers are very much dependent on our skills and ability to work hard. In the US healthcare is expensive, job security is low but the reward for hard work is high. You easily get paid 2-3x more compared to some European countries and on top of that have to pay less taxes. The flip side? You can get fired easily. So as it happens it’s not in our best interest to upset the boss, so a yes is more common than a no. We also might want to put our beliefs on hold if you will, especially if the job or company doesn’t quite match with us in the first place.

So a common situation where we can lose our inner me is at work. After all we don’t want to get fired by upsetting the boss! Is it important that we lose ourselves in a job? Some might argue its okay that this happens and sure enough there’s a case to be made. After all you get paid to do what is in the best interest of your employer.

However apps such as Luci can hel remind ourselves where we are compromising on our beliefs. We don’t want to become our company values over time and lose our own. Self-reflection questions baked into Luci can help remind you of your beliefs, vision on the future and our goals.


We can just as easily lose ourselves in a relationship. Opposites do attract and in that sense it’s common that our visions do not quite align with our partners’. However over time we need to remain mindful that we are happy and flourishing in our relationships. Luci’s Mood Tracker capabilities can help us keep track of this.

By keeping track of our happiness scores every day we can more easily spot trends. You might not get the value straight away, but what if you saw that your average happiness score over the years has gone down by a 1.4 score every year? That might signal the need for an immediate change of behavior. Because shifts in mood can happen so gradually, you might not have noticed if it wasn’t for keeping track of our moods.

Money, time and freedom

Entrepreneurs would tell you that time equals money. And sure enough it seems more often than not the two do not mix. Either you find yourself a working class hero with no time. Or you are on the other end of the scale. Craving for money but with time in loads to spare. Regardless of these forever variables, it’s important to remember who we are in the mix of things.

What is your vision? Regardless of time or money. Where do you want to contribute? When should you say definitely say no? And how important are friends and family to you.

These are the questions we need to ask ourselves from time to time. By comparing previous answers with our new ones we might spot a changing trend. As our free time goes down we might devalue our relationships. Luci’s “compare answers” feature is a helpful tool to compare your answers to previous answers you have given.


Can you comfortable say to a stranger: “Hello, it’s me. I am ….”. And the beliefs, vision you put on the dotted line should represent your true inner me. Luci hopefully can help you find who you are and want to be. It can prevent you from losing yourself in the chaos of the real world and bring clarity and persistence wherever you go. Luci is a free app. Some features can be purchased by a one-time unlock, or a subscription if you just want to try it out.

Happy reflecting.

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