Reflect on stress

Published on 2023-5-28

Reflection is a super important tool to prevent and combat stress. It’s important to realize where the stress is originating from, how it affects us, and if we are still capable of relativity. Good news. Our brand new topic Stress helps you to reflect on this with 24 unique questions. This topic is also our featured topic for this season, so free for all users. Let’s reduce stress and anxiety together.

Questions include:

  • What defining moment in your life added to your awareness of stress?
  • What smell or taste brings a smile to your face?
  • What was a small victory that happend in your life recently?

Stress is our brand new topic to reflect on in Luci. With 24 unique questions we will uncover what your stressors are, where we can apply change for the better and how it affects our mentally and physically. As with all our topics, it helps to do the exercises and answer the questions multiple times. This way we can see how our answers change over time.

Anxiety release is crucial to be who you are. As prolonged stress can increase our blood pressure, reduce our VO2 max and cause headaches and even back issues. It will also surely affect our moods and creativity.

This brand new topic is part of Luci 2.2.1 so if you are reading this shortly after publication head over to the App Store to make sure you are using the latest version of the app.

Happy reflecting and may stress be forever part of your past

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