Power of Feeling Unforced

Published on 2023-10-31

Imagine sitting beside the road seeing cars drive by. In each of those cars sits a person with his or her own goals and feelings. While you are sitting there you might even notice your brain wants to turn its attention towards your own feelings. How are you feeling? Your brain asks.

See our brain has a tendency to seek attention like a kids gravitates towards a bowl of candy. In a way we are trying to always change things. Whether that is changing our situation at work, decorating our homes to be just right or talking our friends into joining us on a road trip. Most of these changes are because we want to feel a certain way. Even if we can’t express it yet. We are seeking for that emotion. Whether it is peace, happiness or excitement.

Our brain tricks us into thinking that only if I did this or that I would feel that way. Buying something new could shortly bring you excitement, but will it last? What if doing those things will never be enough to make you feel that way.

Because we are so wired to making changes we sometimes forget to just sit there and relax. Like seeing those cars drive by. In fact it’s very important for our mental health that we allow ourselves to relax. Being still allows our brain to relax and recharge for the tasks ahead.

So rather than actively pulling to get a particular emotion in, try to flip it. Just let it be. Don’t let your mind trick you into doing stuff because you think it will make you feel a particular way. Instead let things flow their natural path. Relationships grow more naturally, work because more a creative outlet, life as a whole becomes like a gift that you get to open every day not quite knowing what you will get next.

And who knows, after all the dust settles, you might even notice the things you were seeking all along have come to you. Unforced.

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