Tips for Tracking Custom Emotions

Published on 2023-5-2

Starting with version 2.1.0, Luci now supports the ability to track custom emotions in the most adjustable mood tracker on the App Store. Personal feelings and emotions is a powerful feature that help you track exactly what makes you special. But great power comes with responsibility so we would like to provide some suggestions and tips to get you started.

How to add custom new emotions

But before we start we need to know how we can add custom emotions in the first place. To add new emotions:

  • Press the plus in the bottom navigation of the app.
  • Select any of the sessions that include the ability to provide a mood (such as Mood Check-in or Self-Reflection).
  • At the mood screen tap one of the emojis and scroll all the way to the end until you see the floating plus button.
  • Tap this button and you will be greeted with a new UI where you can add and manage your custom emotions

Each emotion can contain a title and an icon so this is where our creativity comes in.

Make a game plan

Before you start adding every possible feeling in the app we suggest to ask yourself: What do I want to keep track of? For example if you feel misunderstood at your work that could be a negative emotion that you may want to track. Other good candidates are tracking positive feelings following a stressful experience, as these feelings could signify growth and recovery. While the custom emotions possibility is powerful, do throw some caution in the wind and avoid adding every possible emotion as that will surely not deliver quality data. After all how useful is it to see a dozen emotions every day with seemingly no pattern at all.

Pick the right emoji

Luci allows you to pick basically any emotion to track your mood. We'd like to advise you to stick to face emotions where possible or animals that trigger a strong and unbreakable association with the emotion you are trying to portray. Avoid using physical objects that resemble an activity rather than a mood (trust us... we have a roadmap). Remember that the mood and happiness score of the day should be all about internal (not external) activities. Meaning how you feel or what scenes play out inside your head.

Have fun

Don't forget to have fun registering your emotions on a daily basis. Be consistent and pick a few emotions that really scream out to you. To recap, remember what you'd like to track and avoid tracking every thought or tracking external activities. And remember, entering data is not always fun but our long term goal is to feel better. And feeling better starts with knowing what we can improve and especially knowing that we are improving.

Happy mood tracking with new custom emotions for an even more powerful experience.

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