Practical Benefit of Self-Reflection

Published on 2024-1-18

Self-reflection is incredibly important. It allows us to catch, check and change (3Cs) our behavior and improve our outlook on life. In this article we will shortly explain how self-reflection works in the Luci App and why you should care.

How to reflect

Let’s go through the process yet. We implemented Self-reflection to help users become aware of their surroundings. To start first discover the topic you want to reflect on.

This can be a feeling such as insecurity, empathy or loss. But topics can also be more rooted in everyday life such as productivity or your control over your finance. We are adding more topics regularly so if the specific topic you are looking for isn’t there, please let us know.

Once you have selected a topic it’s time to start our self-reflection session. Answer the questions asked. If you need help tap the “help me answer” button for more information and tips. Once you are done read the CBT-inspired (cognitive behaviour therapy) tip. These questions are designed to create self-awareness.

We need self-awareness to regulate and improve our behaviour and learn why we feel the way we do, which is the first step towards self-improvement.

Look back

Now that you have reflected on a topic, go out there and live your life. Hopefully the questions you have answered have changed your outlook on life.

For example a student might reflect on their education. In our educational topic we ask:

“When do you feel at your most productive?”

This question has helped the student realise that productivity can be conditioned, for example they feel most productive working in the library with their headphones on. This realisation has helped the student to study more efficiency.

A person experiencing stress meanwhile might reflect on their feelings, one of the questions the stress topic asks is:

“Is your stress internal or external?”

Using the provided “help me answer” tip they may figure out that the source of their stress is an external influence they do have control over. And after this reflection the person has managed to take away the source of stress.

Self-reflection is a skill

We hear you. Self-reflection is not as simple as this article suggests. It is a mental exercise that requires effort, consistency and a bit of grit. Reflection starts with recognition, followed by a desire to change. And we have designed these questions and tips to help you speed through his flow. And we know you got this!

If you have a self-reflection topic that isn’t implemented in Luci yet, please let us know so we can add it later. We really appreciate you joining us on this mental health journey and can’t wait to see where you go next.

Happy reflecting!

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