Reflect on Finance

Published on 2023-10-31

Every user of Luci is now able to reflect on our latest topic Finance free of charge. With over 30 questions to reflect on you will gain better control of your finance and general relationship with money.

Version 2.3.0 also changes the way reflections work. You will now get between two and four questions depending on the self-reflection length set within settings. We also removed the day/mood questions. These are still available from the Mood Check-In option.

Reflecting on your finance is very important. Having an unhealthy relationship with money can make you unhappy either due to spending too much or because your savings goal is suboptimal. For example saving an arbitrary amount without having a clear purpose. Having a clear vision about income and expenditure of money is very important. As ais knowing where to go in times of need, who you can trust and what your money related culprits are. Our Finance topic will help you learn these and more!

That brings us to our previous featured topic: Stress. This topic is now part of the Pro membership. Users that are currently reflecting on stress will be able to do so until they change the topic.

We hope you will love this latest update and enjoy reflecting on your finances.

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