Luci 2.6.2 - Apple Watch

Published on 2024-2-26

We are excited to announce mood Tracking on your Apple Watch. Starting with version 2.6.2 you can download Luci on your Apple Watch and track your mood straight from your wrist. Let’s go over this latest features and go over some future mood tracking features we have got planned to make you a little happier each and every day.

Mood entries on your watch

Mood trackers should be great at two things. Mood entry and mood analysis. For the former the Apple Watch is the quickest way to add your mood, wherever you are. Add your rating straight from the watch, track your daily activities and see your recent average mood. Sessions are synced with the Luci App behind the scenes. Or when you are in need for inspiration, swipe right to read over 500 quotes and affirmations.

Moving forward

Mood tracking on your Apple Watch is only the beginning. In the next update we are also adding complications, allowing you to quickly visit the Luci app straight from your Watch Face. In addition we are adding new features and tweaks that will make your mental health journey even better. We want you to feel elevated wherever you are.

Stay tunes with us as we continue to improve the Luci app and continue our goal in making people happier all over the world.

We love to hear your feedback and any feature requests you may have. Please let us know by sending us a message on social media, or leaving a review in the Apple App Store or Google play Store. Remember mental health is the key towards happiness and we are adamant that mood tracking and self-reflection is the key moving forward.

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