Introducing version 1.4.0

Published on 2022-2-11

When you open release 1.4.0 for the first time you will probably notice the new design straight away. This new design is more streamlined and sets the stage for future customisation and optimisation based on your input. For example dictates 30% of the main display and the happiness chart really shows behind the content. Giving it a unique look from one week to the next. Once you do open an entry you will likely notice the new animations. We have contrasted questions from remarks so it's easier to focus on data entry. There's much more to discover but I'll leave that up to you.

In addition to this new design you can now see your happiness scores in an entirely new way. Tap your happiness rating on the homescreen to visit the whole new data visualisation screen. Here you get a clear picture of your overall happiness and trends comparing your scores from the previous week to the next. More updates on data visualisation are ahead so stay tuned and be sure to visit this screen from time to time.

Ever wondered how you have answered previous before? With this new update you can easily check all the answers you've ever given by visiting a topic and seeing all the exposed questions. Just another quality of life coming from version 1.4.0.

Hope you will really this version and remember that this is just the start.

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